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Book your locker in the GoBright App

In a modern office environment, dynamic and activity-based working are ‘the new normal’. The new office is designed as a place to be inspired, to brainstorm, to collaborate, to consult and to meet people. This means that employees work in (project) teams, they don’t have a fixed desk and will more often be located in different places in the building. When you are able to choose your own workplace and move around the building, you also need a locker, to store your belongings as well as confidential documents. Smart locker solutions are a necessity for modern workplaces.

Within the GoBright platform it is possible to book your locker together with your booked desk or meeting room. The locker integration has also been added to the new GoBright Mobile App.

There are two ways to book a locker from the App

1. Via the interactive map.
Click on the Map, then click on a locker bank to see how many lockers are available and then reserve a locker.

GoBright - Find a locker on the map

GoBright – Find a locker on the map


2. Via your Dashboard.
Open your dashboard and then click on the locker icon at the top right. View which lockers are available and book one according to your wishes.

GoBright - Find a locker via dashboard

GoBright – Find a locker via dashboard


In both cases you can open the locker bank with the GoBright App or release it again as soon as you no longer need it.

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