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In addition to our digital Visitor registration system, GoBright introduces a visitor pre-registration that allows employees to pre-register their guests in the Microsof Outlook plugin while planning a meeting. Now visitors only have to check in upon arrival with just a QR-code. Our GoBright Visitor Management concept already provides a professional and modern digital self-registration by visitors, which is GDRP-proof and lets the receptionist continue to focus on her or his core tasks. But, at GoBright, we aim to make office life easier and more efficient for employees and visitors.

Pre-register your guest in the Outlook plugin

Currently with digital visitor registration, guests register themselves upon arrival on a display at the reception. Their name badge with QR-code is printed, the host receives a notification and the appointment is on its way. With our new feature you pre-register your guests when scheduling the meeting in the GoBright Outlook plugin. Our portal will generate a personal QR-code. Your guest receives an invitation with the QR code. When the guest arrives he or she just has to check in with the QR-code. How easy can it be! In the reminder you can include extra info like route directions etc.

This pre-registration not only increases the customer experience because of the simple check-in, it also prevents visitors from having to enter personal data on a display in a (crowded) reception. And when a large group arrives, the receptionist already has printed out the name badges up front, based on the pre-registration. This allows a faster reception of visitors and leads to a better customer experience.

And just like the Outlook plugin, the pre-registration is a free upgrade of the Visitors module for all current and new users. We call this GoBright upgrades instead of updates.

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