Book your locker and workplace in one platform

In a modern office environment, agile and dynamic working is quickly becoming the new normal. This office environment requires, in addition to an inspiring interior and smart workplaces, a smart and dynamic locker solution. The office is no longer the place where you sit at your desk from 9-5. The new office is designed as a place to be inspired, to brainstorm, to collaborate, to consult and to meet people. This means that employees work in (project) teams and will more often be located in different places in the building.

When you are able to choose your own workplace, you also need a dynamic locker at the same time, to store your belongings. Of course you want that locker to be near your workplace and suit your personal needs. It is pretty inconvenient if you have a locker on the 1st floor, while you work on the 3rd floor that day. Do you want a personal storage space or one for the whole team? A permanent locker, or a temporary one? Big or small? Finally, how useful would it be if you could book a desk, meeting room and locker at the same time?

Well, we think, extremely useful! That is the reason why we’ve joined forces with Vecos. Vecos is the market leader in the supply and implementation of Smart Locker Technology for locker cabinets, that meet the user needs on the work floor. You can find the Vecos system in many offices worldwide. Right there, where our Smart Office solutions for room booking, desk booking and visitor registration are also being used. When you combine the best of both worlds, a link between our systems is actually very logical.

So, from now on it is possible to book and use Vecos Smart lockers with our GoBright platform.

User benefits

  • Find a locker near your workplace with the app function “claim a locker nearby”;
  • Book a locker at the same floor as your desk or meeting room, at the same time;
  • Availability of lockers visible via the ‘Mapping’ screen on the work floor, in the GoBright Portal or the App, but also on the locker bank itself;
  • Operate your locker (open / close) with the GoBright app or the NFC card with which you also check in at your workplace;
  • One user friendly system, one app on your phone;

For Facility / IT Managers:

  • The location of the lockers is linked to the location structure of the GoBright platform;
  • Different configurations for user needs are possible and you can assign user rights to all employees.
  • Use the storage space in the office efficiently;

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Book your locker and workplace in one platform

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