BrightBooking software update 2017-6

App updates
The app obtained a completely new main screen. You also have the option to extend or terminate current reservations.

Room Display updates
The Room display can now also display the subject and / or organizer, in case one desires so. Furthermore you can enable specific people to stop, extend and/or delete the event. You can even allow everyone to do this, so no PIN codes are needed. This can be modified via room profiles and room display profiles.

Room Configuration
Now you can also configure the room profiles in room settings and connect these to a specific room. This makes it easier to configure (multiple) rooms.

Room properties
The properties has been modified so that you can now influence the sequence and indicate what should – and what shouldn’t – be visible on the Room Display and Wayfinder.

The rooms can now also be subdivided into locations. The locations are listed as a tree structure. The rooms are then connected, so that you can also search the locations.

Rooms without integrated agenda
Rooms can now also work without integration, leaving it no longer mandatory to work with an Exchange / Office 365 room agenda.

Organizations that do not need this integration now also can use BrightBooking, for example in buildings where multiple businesses are clustered in.

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BrightBooking software update 2017-6

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