Parking space booking

Car Parking

Start your day by reserving a parking space for your vehicle.

Check the availability of parking spaces and book your preferred spot directly. Avoid being late to work by having to search for a space to park your car. Use the GoBright solutions to make a booking anytime, anywhere.

  • list-itemQuick Booking of a parking space.
  • list-itemSave costs by measuring your parking lot’s occupancy.

Complete the preparation of your day by also booking your desk and additional meeting room with GoBright’s Desk and Room Booking software. 

Car Parking - bureau
GoBright Car Parking - Parking Deck - What to Expect from GoBright Car Parking


What to expect from GoBright Car Parking

Find and book the perfect parking spot for your vehicle for a seamless start of the day.

Guaranteed of a parking space

No more losing time in the morning by searching for a parking spot.

Easy booking

Parking spaces can be booked in the GoBright Portal, the Mobile App and in Microsoft Teams.

Relevant filters

Special parking spaces, for example for people with disabilities or for electrical vehicles, can be filtered.


See how your parking spaces are being used and gain insights on saving opportunities.

Access for visitors

Give your visitors access to your parking lot so they are also able to book a space for their visit.

In charge of your own workplace

Offer employees a professional, modern and inspiring flexible working environment.

Features for GoBright Car Parking

GoBright’s Car Parking is designed to match the needs of the end user, created to stimulate efficiency and certainty.

GoBright Car Parking Booking - Hybrid Working

When booking a parking spot, it is easiest if the user can view the entire lot on a map. With GoBright’s Mapping, you have a full view of parking spaces and their availability. Green means they are available to be booked, red means occupied and orange means it is booked and will soon be occupied.

GoBright - Space Parking Booking - Special Parking
Special parking

Not everybody needs the same type of parking place. Some people might need one that is designed for electric vehicles, while others may look for a parking space closeby the door because of a disability.

These special types of parking spaces can be indicated by symbols, and can even be assigned to certain users only. This way, you can make sure that only people that are entitled to a certain type of parking space can book that space.

Parking License Plate - 732x374 (transparant) - gecropped
License plates

It is also possible to manage license plates in the system by adding license plates to users in order to create better insights. Whenever a person books a parking spot, it is directly linked to their license plate. This can be especially interesting for security purposes, to know exactly who has access to the lot. These data can be integrated with other systems, such as Access Control.

GoBright - Data Occupancy Measuring

Floor space within offices is expensive and rooms that aren’t used properly are an unnecessary expense. It is therefore the responsibility of the facility manager to use workplaces smartly and efficiently. To make them available to all employees and to save costs along the way. With GoBright Analytics you get great insights into the overall utilization of office space. The data analyses are based on room bookings, check-ins and detection with room sensors. After all, a smart workplace is a data-driven workplace.

  • list-itemAccurate and actual overview of the occupancy.
  • list-itemDiscover which meeting rooms are used the most, which type of meeting room is most popular, what the busy days at the office are, etc.
  • list-itemImprove your understanding of user behaviour and preferences.
  • list-itemReduce the number of no-shows.
  • list-itemCalculate the number of rooms you actually need.
  • list-itemCalculate the type of rooms you actually need; huddle rooms, concentration areas, board rooms etc.
  • list-itemDevelop new ways of working.
GoBright - Smart Office
Smart Office

The GoBright platform offers smart software solutions for desk, room and visitor management and digital signage that fit together perfectly and are easy to use.

  • list-item Find and book an available workplace via Portal, App or Outlook Plugin.
  • list-item Find your way through the building with Wayfinding and Mapping.
  • list-item Up-to-date and accurate visibility on all parts of the smart platform.
  • list-item Smart sensors measure the real-time occupancy of meeting rooms and desks.
  • list-item The GoBright platform integrates with various systems.
  • list-item Great insights into the use of office spaces, occupancy rates and the flow of people in the building.
Read more about our Smart Office solutions
GoBright - Space Parking Booking - Desktop and App
Available on Desktop and Mobile App

Parking spaces can be booked in the GoBright App and Portal, but also in both the App and desktop version of Microsoft Teams thanks to GoBright’s integration.


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  • list-item4800+ employees
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  • list-itemRoom and Desk Booking
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