Create your personal assistant in the meeting room

A meeting is almost over before you realize it
Time flies, even during meetings. Suddenly the next users are in the meeting room to start using it. Recognizable? Our app will send you a reminder notification just before the meeting ends, but it would be more useful if you could see in the room and real time how long it has been booked for you. Thanks to the new GoBright Control solution this is possible. The display in the room shows at a glance when your reservation ends, so that you can finish the meeting on time. Just before the next users appear.

Control of the presentation display
GoBright Control also gives you the opportunity to manage some basic functions of the presentation display. When your reservation starts GoBright Control automatically turns on the screen and selects the right input source. You can choose other inputs and adjust the sound volume of the speakers by yourself. Why would you buy a luxurious and expensive control system if this is sufficient?

GoBright Control

  • Perfect solution for huddle and meeting rooms
  • Visible time clock
  • Extending or stopping the meeting directly possible
  • Immediately report a malfunction
  • Expandable with light control
Available from €59,00 per display per year

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Create your personal assistant in the meeting room

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Coronavirus update

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