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Return to Office

Help your employees and business back on track and support flexible working.

Provide a safe and healthy workplace where employees are ready to return to the office, feel heard and are involved and connected.

  • list-itemExplore the wishes and concerns of the employees.
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Establish a solid Return to Office policy using smart software for desk booking, room booking, visitor management and digital signage.

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The (partial) Return to Office

While employers were hoping for a full return to the office at the beginning of the pandemic, there now is a realisation that this idea is really a thing of the past. Different studies show that most of the workforce prefer a hybrid working pattern, in which they work 2-3 days a week in the office or at home. The fact remains that going back to the office, in whatever form, is relevant and of current importance. Return to Office strategies are at the top of the to-do lists of many HR and Facility Managers.

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Why Return to the office?

Thanks to Covid-19 and two years of working from home, employers are given the opportunity to rethink the corporate culture and reshape the functionality of the office. They can create the ideal workplace that makes employees feel more connected and protected. Using innovative and smart software solutions, enabling employees to work more productively. And keeping the right work-life balance.

Productive and Connected

At the office you can focus on your work, feel valued, learn from others and complement your colleagues.


Brainstorming, working together on a project, or having a real life discussion helps to develop new ideas.


Appreciate the fun parts of interacting with colleagues over a cup of coffee. Social contact is a valuable asset.

Proper office facilities

Enjoy the office facilities, such as a height adjustable desk, meeting rooms, or video conferencing tools.

Health and Wellbeing

We are social beings who mentally and physically need to interact with other people in person to excel.
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A place to meet & collaborate

We now know that we can work anytime and anywhere. As a result, the function of the office has changed permanently. We go back to the office to collaborate on projects, to meet the team or to welcome customers and other partners. GoBright can help your workforce return to the office smoothly and safely, keeping their needs and wishes in mind.

How do we return to work?

Some of the employees can’t wait to return to the office; they miss their colleagues, or certain office facilities. While others prefer to continue to work partly at home, or find it exciting to be around many people for health reasons. So many factors can play a role and it is important to, first, gain insight into the thoughts and wishes of the employees. So, start the conversation now!

Why do colleagues come to the office?
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Back to the Office with Room & Desk Booking

Pre-booking a desk or room will become a requirement to guarantee a smooth return to the office. People need some sort of certainty and predictability to feel comfortable. That is the reason we notice that our features ‘find my colleague’, hygienic desk, team booking and recurring desk booking are so popular.

With the GoBright desk booking and room booking software you can easily reduce the capacity per room or floor and limit the number of people in your building. With employees booking their workplace or meeting room in advance, they know what to expect when they get to the office. They have the certainty of a booked desk. And the employer knows exactly how many people are in the office. You get direct insight into the free spaces, the occupied spaces and the spaces that need to be cleaned. You now know what the busiest days of the week or the busiest hours in a day are. That way, you can advise teams to come to work at a different time or scale up the cleaning services on specific days.

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Return to a Clean and Hygienic workplace

Since Covid-19, we have become more aware of the importance of a clean workplace. Managing a clean workplace, especially in offices where different colleagues use the same desk, has become inevitable. Knowing that your workplace is clean gives employees a peace of mind and a safe feeling. That is why we developed the “Hygienic Desk” feature.

The color Purple indicates a desk needs to be cleaned (Covid-19 proof) before another colleague uses it. If you check out at a desk, both the GoBright Connect & Glow and the desk itself on Mapping will turn purple. Other colleagues know they can’t use this desk at this moment. And the cleaners know that this desk needs to be cleaned. They can pay extra attention to these ‘purple’ workplaces. Only authorized persons are allowed to reset the table – after cleaning – back to green. And what has not been used (desk is still green at the end of the day), does not need to be cleaned. That’s what we call ‘smart cleaning’.

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From 'Back-to-Work' to Hybrid Working

Setting the Return to the Office policy might be a short-term solution for some. But for most employers it is becoming the way to implement the benefits of the flexible office for the long-term. Being able to work where and when you want, having less travel time and traffic jams on the road, having a better work/life balance and being able to book the workplaces that you actually need. But also gaining better insights into the office occupancy, more effective use of resources, reducing costs for office space, heating and electricity…. and therefore a significant cost saving.

This means that many organisations are switching to full Hybrid Working. Hybrid Working is the perfect opportunity for companies to explore what their employees expect of their work environment and reinvent the office.


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