GoBright B.V. appoints SkyGroup Communications as distributor

GoBright B.V. is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with SkyGroup Communications to distribute our solutions in Southern Africa.

GoBright’s complete solutions for room booking, workplace management and visitor management provides organisations and their employees one user-, IT- and facility-friendly platform for their entire room, desk and visitor management.

“GoBright B.V. is building a network of specialist distributors. We are looking for value added distributors who can represent GoBright in their region. Next to delivering our solutions on time our distributors are able to deliver local support on all our solutions. Together we are building a strong network and we are more than happy to welcome SkyGroup to our network” – states Chris Wiegeraad, Commercial Director at GoBright B.V.

GoBright creates availability and supports employees in new ways of working with three accessible concepts for Meet, Work and Visit Management.

  • Meet: check the availability of a room in the blink of an eye.
  • Work: turn a flexible workspace into your personal desk.
  • Visit: easy and GDPR-proof digital self-registration by or for visitors.

Technology makes it possible, GoBright B.V. makes it available!

“As the world faces difficult and uncertain times, companies are re-evaluating and rethinking their digital transformation, in order to help bring an agile and flexible approach to managing workspaces. Therefore we are extremely excited to add GoBright B.V. to our product portfolio. Flexible working is here to stay, video conferencing is becoming the norm, and the way we book meeting spaces continues to evolve,” –  states Dirk Schreuder, Director at SkyGroup Communications.

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GoBright B.V. appoints SkyGroup Communications as distributor

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