GoBright and Ascentae bring advanced workplace management to the UK

The start of the collaboration between GoBright and Ascentae dates back to October 2019. Both always focused on growth, development, and the future.

Ascentae is a technology distributor of creative workplace solutions. Bringing to market innovative but essential technologies that transform the way organisations collaborate, manage their workplace, and learn. They aim to be a trusted advisor with a deep and proven understanding of creative workplace solutions delivering innovative and intuitive technologies through a valued partner network. GoBright complements their range of solutions aimed at transforming the way people work and powers data driven decision making. The GoBright products go beyond current solutions in the market to provide a far more efficient approach to managing office space.

The background…

The way organisations manage their workspaces has been evolving and the rate of this change has intensified during the last five years. From the increasing adoption of agile processes and the flexible use of space to home and remote working, many companies have made shifts not only in their physical environments but in the whole culture of their work practices.

A central element of the agile environment is activity-based working. Many organisations have adopted the practice, realising that they could operate more effectively with less real estate by maximising the areas left empty by sick days, holidays, and business travel, and by creating different workspaces designed for the job in hand.  Why pay for space that is not used, when numerous studies exist on the cost savings and operational efficiencies that can be achieved.

Now, with a global pandemic causing 3 forced lockdowns and the wider introduction of hybrid workforces across the UK it is more important than ever for organisations to look at solutions that can support their return-to-work strategies, adhering to UK government guidance and allowing organisations to meet corporate responsibilities to keep your employees safe. GoBright’s innovative space management solutions not only allow resources to be booked remotely, and instantly communicate availability, but help organisations maintain strict hygiene protocols.

The Future…

“We’re extremely excited and proud to represent GoBright in the UK. For the past few years office space costs have risen to an all-time high. Organisations need to know that they are maximising their investment as well as providing a workplace that is highly desirable and relevant to their staff.  By working with GoBright we can help them do that. Before the Covid pandemic many organisations were adopting agile and activity-based working to enable greater flexibility and visibility to understand how their workplace is utilised. The Covid pandemic has now accelerated these trends and most organisations need the right technology platforms to support their workplace in 2021 and beyond. The GoBright platform enables a fantastic user experience with data driven decision-making tools that we believe are essential for most organisations.”  Says Jon Knight, Managing Director at Ascentae.

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