Do we need to add all our users to GoBright?


This is the short answer to this question, however, there are a few exceptions to this rule. We’ll explain how user information is needed for each product below:


Every person that needs access to the GoBright portal must be a known user.


A user must be known within the system to allow bookings to be made if they use one of the following tools:

  • The GoBright Outlook Plugin
  • The GoBright Mobile app
  • From within the GoBright portal

Note that users do not have to be added to GoBright if Outlook is used without the GoBright Plugin


All users who should be able to create bookings must be added to GoBright


Users only need to be added to the system if they enable the host selection feature when they Configure visitor registration. This allows visitors to search for specific employees when they sign in the digital reception.


Only users who need to schedule content or make administrative changes must be added as users to access the portal.

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