To explain all ins and outs of GoBright View we’ll outline a couple of examples. Each one goes through different parts of the software and gives a step-by-step explanation. Here is a quick link to each example:

Creating a slideshow

This example explains how a standard slideshow can be created. It explains how images are added and how the length is configured. It’s mostly focused on template design and adding media items.

Adding a single device

This article mostly covers how devices are being added. In addition, the new device has a different resolution from existing devices so we’ll also cover how to add a new resolution.

Factory production line

The factory production line shows how a custom widget is being added to a specific group of devices. It makes use of tags to schedule a specific playlist on a defined group.

School class schedule

This example shows a class schedule on the left side of the screen while playing other content on the right side of the screen. It’s accomplished by creating multiple zones and configuring these within a channel.

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