Excel 365

This widget is able to get a specific Excel file from OneDrive and display it within GoBright View. It retrieves information from a specified sheet and a set range.

Before you begin…

This widget makes use of the Microsoft Graph API which is a way to get information from Office 365 to GoBright View. If this is not setup yet this needs to be configured by an Azure admin first. Please follow this article: Graph API

In short: the Excel file needs to be shared with the service account an Azure admin created before. This service account is then used by the GoBright Excel widget to access the file.

Within OneDrive

  1. Open a browser and go to Sharing the file from Windows won’t work.
  2. Log in with your own user account (not the service account)
  3. Locate or create the Excel file that needs to be displayed in GoBright View
    1. Right click the file
    2. Select Manage Access
    3. Under Direct Access, add the email address of the service account
    4. Untick Notify people (optional)
    5. Click Grant access

To make sure the service account has access to this file:

  1. Open an incognito window (or log out from OneDrive)
  2. Go to
  3. Log in with the service account
  4. Go to the ‘Shared’ folder
  5. Under ‘Shared with you’ the Excel file should be visible. If not, GoBright View won’t be able to access the file. Please try sharing the file again by repeating the steps above.

If the Excel file is visible you can continue to the next part of this guide.

Within GoBright View

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your GoBright account and open the GoBright View portal
  3. Create a template or slide
  4. Click + Add widget
  5. Click Custom widget
  6. Select the Excel widget
    If you don’t see the widget in your View environment, please contact your GoBright partner.
  7. Click Done
    The Excel widget should now be added to the slide
  8. Fill in the parameters with the information provided by your Azure admin:
    1. Tenant ID
    2. Client ID
    3. Client Secret Value
    4. Email address of the service account
    5. Password of the service account
    6. File name of the Excel file
    7. Sheet name
    8. Range
  9. The other parameters can be used to change display settings such as colors
    The data of the Excel file should now be visible
  10. Save the slide or add the template to a playlist
  11. Go to the Scheduling tab
  12. Click Update content

That’s it. The data from the Excel file should be visible on your GoBright View displays.

Starting august 2022, this configuration is no longer supported. We have updatet the GoBright View widgets accordingly. If you are still using an older widget and want to migrate please contact our support team.

There are five pieces of information that are required besides the connection with the Graph API:

  • The email address of the user that owns the excel file
  • (optional) the folder name and/or path (only if the file is not located in the users’ root folder)
  • The filename of the Excel document
  • The Sheet name
  • The range that should be displayed


These details need to be entered in the Widget parameters. Then the data should be visible in the widget.

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