General settings

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The general settings contain the basic settings of your GoBright environment.

After logging in to the GoBright portal with a manager account, choose the option Settings > General to show and manage the general settings.


The following screen will show up where all general settings can be configured.



The default language of your environment, this language will be used as default for users, rooms, etc. (but can be changed when you want a room to be in a different language).

Default phone number region:
If you’re company is located in a specific country, you can configure your phone number region (e.g. +1 for USA, +31 for The Netherlands, etc). This will help validate the phone numbers when entered for the users.

SMS credits:
If you are using SMS notifications (e.g. for digital reception), the remaining credits will be shown here.

Enable custom logo

This enables the organisation to add their own custom logo to the portal. This logo will replace the GoBright logo in the left top corner of the web portal.

New Portal

This setting allows access to the new portal based on whether the user is a manager or a normal user.=


Delete whole appointment when deleting booking (when user is organizer):
This option let the system delete the whole appointment (in the personal agenda and room agenda) if the user is the organizer. Otherwise only the appointment from the room agenda might be deleted.

Insight level in booking details for managers when the manager is not an attendee:
This setting configures what details (booking) managers can see, when they are not participating in the booking. You can set this from very restrictive ‘no details’ (only date, time and location) to all details.

Insight level in booking details for users when the user is not an attendee:
This setting configures what details regular users can see, when they are not participating in the booking. You can set this from very restrictive ‘no details’ (only date, time and location) to all details.


Users manage their own pincode
The pincode can be used in two ways:

  • User manages his own pincode: this way the user can generate a pincode in the portal or smartphone app, and use that pincode can be used on the room display and map viewer.
  • Pincode is managed by the administrator: the administrator sets the pincode as a property of the user (and optionally synchronized from you back-end system).

Enable NFC options
If you have your hardware equipped with NFC readers, you can enable NFC support with this option. This will show NFC options at the room and desk profiles, and at the users’ details.

Find colleague enabled
When enabled you can find your colleague in the portal, mobile app and via the Mapviewer.

Auto reset user availability status enabled
If your want to reset the GoBright users status from do-not-disturb (blue) to available (green), you can enter a value in the ‘Auto reset user availability after…’ and each x-hours/minutes the user availability will be reset to ‘available’.

End user application

Send notifications to end user application
By default, GoBright will send notifications to the smartphone app about ending bookings, and about bookings which are about to be canceled because of no-show.
With this option, you can disable these notifications entirely.


These settings manage the services that are being created and whether the user must add a cost center to make use of them.


This setting enables the pre-registration option for GoBright Visit.


This displays information when sensors are being used to measure occupancy.

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