Graph API (Excel, OneDrive)

In order to communicate with Excel 365, OneDrive, and other products that are part of Office 365 we’ll use the so-called Graph API to establish a connection with GoBright View. In the steps below all requirements will be outlined and all steps which need to be configured for this to function.


  • An Office 365 admin account
  • An App registration
  • A Client ID
  • A Client Secret (Value)
  • A Tenant ID
  • Rights to grant API permissions

Within Azure

The following steps need to be taken to configure the Graph API:

Register an application

  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory
  • Press App registrations
  • Create a New registration
  • Enter a Name (e.g. GoBright View)
  • Leave the other settings to default and press the Register button on the bottom

Set permissions

  • Open the application and press the View API permissions button
  • Press the Add a permission button and a new window will open
  • Select Microsoft Graph when prompted for an API
  • Set the type of permission to Application permissions
  • A long list of permissions will be shown, depending on which applications you’ll be using the following permissions must be granted:
    • APIConnectors.Read.All – Type: Application – For authentication
    • Application.Read.All – Type: Application – For navigation
    • Directory.Read.All – Type: Application – For navigation between different folders
    • Files.Read.All – Type: Application – Used by OneDrive
    • Reports.Read.All – Type: Application – Used by Excel
    • Sites.Read.All – Type: Application – Used by SharePoint

      Please make sure that permissions are granted as “Application” permissions.

  • When the correct permissions have been added press the Grant admin consent button

Gather all information and create a Client secret

In order to connect with the application, GoBright View will need three pieces of information:

  • Client ID: This can be found on the overview page
  • Client Secret: Must be created within Certificates & secrets
  • Tenant ID: This Can be found on the overview page

First, let’s copy the Client ID and Tenant ID from the Overview within the application. These can be found on the top of the page:


Next is the Client Secret Value, for this, we’ll need to head to Certificates & secrets.

The Client Secret consists of an ID and a Value, we’ll need the Value.


  • Create a New client secret at the bottom of this page
  • You can add a description (e.g. usage within GoBright View)
  • Choose when the key expires (note: we recommend to set the expiry date to as far in the future as possible. Please also set a reminder to renew this key.)
  • When the Client secret has been created immediately copy and note the Value as it will only be displayed once. If you didn’t get the Value, you can delete these steps to create a new one.

That is all the information we need, next, we can use this information within the GoBright Widget.

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