Import GoBright Data In Power BI


  1. Power BI Report (a default dashboard file (.PBIX) is attached at the bottom of this article)
  2. GoBright API URL
  3. GoBright API KEY

Obtaining the GoBright API URL

  1. Log in to the GoBright Portal
  2. Go to Settings > General > API Access
  3. The API URL is displayed on top

Obtaining the GoBright API Key

  1. Log in to the GoBright Portal
  2. Go to the Admin Center > Integrations > API Access
  3. Click Add
  4. Fill in a Purpose
  5. Click Generate
  6. The API Key is displayed once, save it somewhere safe
    If you didn’t get the API Key, just remove it and Generate a new one

To import data from GoBright into Power BI follow these steps:

  1. Open the Power BI Report
  2. Click the Transform Data button to open the Power Query Editor
    Open the Power Query Editor
  3. On the left you should see two parameters: URL and API KEY
  4. Click on URL and fill in the URL
  5. Click on API KEY and fill in the API KEY
    Fill in the API URL and API Key
  6. Click Close & Apply

Back in the Report, click Refresh. Data from GoBright should now be visible.

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