Installation of GoBright Android App on ProDVX displays

Follow these steps to install the GoBright on the ProDVX displays:

  1. Startup the display
  2. Connect the display to the internet*
  3. Start the Lightning browser on the display and browse to
  4. Choose “Meet-Work-Visit Device”
  5. Download the latest version of the GoBright Device app
  6. Install and start the downloaded GoBright Device app
  7. The app will ask for the necessary permissions to use and manage the device, please allow/confirm them all
  8. The app will ask to check the date, time and time zone
  9. Choose ‘Confirm and reboot’
  10. After reboot, the display will connect to GoBright, and show an activation code
  11. With the activation code you’re able to go to the next step and activate the display in the GoBright portal

If the app cannot be installed on the display, please check the following FAQ article.


*) Regarding the internet connection, we strongly advise to use wired (PoE+) connections for highest reliability.

If you have to use Wi-Fi, please make sure you have disabled the ‘Avoid poor network connections’ and ‘Notify whenever a public network is available’ in the Wi-Fi settings menu within Android. This will increase the reliability, for example when maintenance is done on the Wi-Fi network.

You can find this in the Android settings menu -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced. Read this article about how to close the GoBright Android App to enter Wi-Fi settings of the device: Close the GoBright app on a display

Please note: not all Android versions have these options, so these options might not be applicable for your device.

This article comes from the Help Center of GoBright.

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