Installing the GoBright Android app

The integrated displays (room displays, etc.) needs to be installed before they can be activated.

Please note, only certified displays are supported.

GoBright View devices use a different app than the integrated displays. Read the article here to follow install the GoBright View app.

In general the installation on the display itself is kept as easy as possible.
The settings and configuration come from the GoBright platform as much as possible, which makes it easy to deploy and to swap the units.

After installation an activation code will be presented on the display, with that activation code you can proceed with activating the device in the GoBright portal.

Select one of the following articles to get started:

  1. Installation of GoBright Android App on ProDVX displays
  2. Installation of GoBright Android App on Philips displays
  3. Installation of GoBright Android App on IAdea displays
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