Media files

We can use a media file to create a new widget. This makes it possible to add an image or video anywhere on the screen. We can also add multiple media files to create a showreel or presentation that plays several items after each other.

mceclip5.png To add a media file, press the From media library button when adding a new widget. This will open the media library and here we’ll be able to choose one or more media items. Note that by adding multiple items at once they are placed within the same layer.

Media files can be organized the same as templates and use the same folder structure. This keeps everything neatly organized and easily found within the library.

Supported file formats

Windows webOS
Video MP4 MP4
(max. resolution: 1920×1080 or 1080×1920*)

Images larger than 2000px (on the longest side) will be automatically resized after upload. For the best possible quality we recommend to resize images using image editing software before uploading them to View.

* For webOS devices the max. video resolution is 1920x1080px or 1080x1920px. Any higher resolution will cause playback issues due to webOS limitations. Make sure your video file has a compatible resolution before uploading it to the portal. Video’s will not be resized by the portal.

The maximum size per file is 1 GB.

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