NTP Not Configured (error)


If this message is shown on screen, please check the time/date and time zone settings.

For WebOS, see “general settings” in this article for more information.

On Windows, go to Settings > Time & Language > Date & time.

WebOS6 (Work around)

If you have an webOS6 device and receive the NTP Not Configured error, please do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Time & Date > NTP Server Setting
  2. Set Default NTP Server to OFF
  3. Set Type to URL
  4. Fill in
  5. Click Update Now
  6. Restart the device
  7. Open Settings > General > Time & Date
  8. Set Automatically to OFF and then back to ON
  9. Close the settings menu
  10. View now should display an Activation Code
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