Profiles store settings that can be applied to one or multiple rooms, desks, etc. This way you do not have to set the settings for each room, desk, etc. separately.

Profiles can be found in the Portal. Log in with your manager account and go to Settings > [Meet/Work/Visit/Park] > Profiles.

Click an existing profile to edit it, or click the Add button the create a new Profile.

Each type refers to a specified set of settings, the following types are available (depending on your license):

Please click in the list above on the type of profile you want to configure, to get more details.

Editing and removing profiles

A profile can be added or edited at any given time, however please note that this will impact any devices that use the specified profile. For example when a room display profile is altered, all room displays that use that profile will receive the new configuration.

While editing is possible, the type cannot be changed once a profile is created. To add more profile types, additional ones need to made.

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