Service routing and permissions

The service routing and permissions needs to be set to know which settings are linked to the Service Providers.

  1. Service provider: Click on the Add-button to make a new entry or click on an existing one to change it. You need to link a Service Provider by selecting one, which is made under ‘Service providers’
  2. Priority: The priority is needed in case multiple service routing rules overlap (have the same service item applying to the same room), the highest priority will be applied. Note: it is always more clear to not have multiple service routing rules overlapping.
  3. Mode: to be able to book a service is set in this field. You can choose ‘Services for room bookings’, ‘Service only bookings’, or for ‘Both service only and room bookings’.
  4. Apply to locations: ‘Allowed for all locations’ or ‘Allowed for specific locations’. When only specific locations are allowed, you can define the different locations and spaces which you can include or exclude.
  5. Applies to catalog items: In this section the amount per Service Catalog Item can be specified. To set the amount per item you need to use the ‘Add catalog item’-button.



Now you are ready for the next step: Cost centers or you can go back to the Services configuration overview.

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