The basics

Before content is sent to the screen there are a couple of steps that need to be taken. GoBright View uses the portal and one or more devices which all have to be configured. Below is an outline of the minimal setup within GoBright:

  • Adding a device
  • Creating a channel and resolution(s)
  • Creating a playlist
  • Upload content

While these are the basic steps that need to be followed, GoBright View offers a lot more.

Adding a device

The preparation is heavily dependant on the type of device that is being used. GoBright View either uses a WebOS screen or an industrial PC which is called a ‘player’. In general, both require the GoBright app to be installed on the device.

When the app has been installed an activation code will be displayed on the screen. This code is entered within the portal in order to add and activate the device. Now that the device has been added we need to decide the resolution that will be used.

Creating a channel and resolution(s)

The channels that are being used will make use of one or more resolutions. By default, a single channel and a single resolution have been defined which are based on a screen that is landscape orientated and has a fullHD resolution.

It is possible to add multiple resolutions and even mix landscape and portrait resolutions within a single channel. The device that presents the content will adapt to the best possible resolution and orientation.

Creating a playlist

After the channel has been configured the playlist can be created. It’s comparable to a music playlist, meaning that it is a list of items that will repeat itself between a set time and date. Each piece of content is added to the playlist.

When the content has been added the playlist is scheduled on a specific channel(s) and devices.

Uploading content

The final step is to send the content to the device(s). This will need to be done every time after scheduling or when content has been altered.

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