Using the new portal experience

Starting from 16. November 2020 we are launching our newly designed portal, which brings a fully renewed user experience.

In the coming months you can get used to the new portal. Introduce it to your organization try to work with it as much as possible. In a period of 6 months the new portal will fully replace to current portal, giving you time to properly introduce it.

New features

The new portal introduces a lot of new features:

  • A new, fresh look & feel;
  • The user experience has improved tremendously. You’ll experience a more intuitive way of searching and booking rooms, desks and lockers;
  • We’ve added interactive mapping to the portal. This gives you a better overview of the availability of desks and rooms per floor. You can choose a workplace according to your own preferences and make a booking directly from the map;
  • You can now upload photos with your rooms, so that the user immediately knows what that room looks like;
  • The rooms can be divided into different types of rooms. For example board room, huddle room, brainstorm room etc. So the user can search a room by ‘type’ as well.
  • Your personal dashboard offers insights into your reservations;

Enabling the new portal

You can start working with the new portal by enabling it, you need to have access to the settings menu, which means you need to have ‘manager’ permissions.

In the current portal, go to Settings > General settings.
Via the option ‘Enable new portal’, you can enable the new portal in various stages:

  • Not enabled: the current standard option is to have it not enabled, which means you miss out on the good stuff!
  • Enabled for managers: by enabling it only for managers, you can first get acquainted with the new portal yourself, before releasing it to the whole organisation.
  • Enabled for all users: by enabling it for all users, every user can switch over!

Once enabled, on the homepage of the current portal there is a ‘switch’ button on the bottom of the page, on the right side. This button gives the possibility to switch over. When using the new portal, you can also switch back, by clicking the same switch button.

Please know that the new and current standard portal can be used together.
So, changing bookings, settings, etc. in the new or current portal will work in both portals.
Also, the management of the maps is, at this moment, only possible in the old portal, but changing it there will flow to the new portal automatically. All the settings options will become available in the new portal as soon as possible. Until that moment you can use the current portal to change particular settings.

Additional configuration

With the new features you will need some additional configuration to get the best out of it.

In the new portal the ‘location structure’ becomes more important and opens the way to improved search functionality & the mapping in the portal.

Things to do:

  • Location structure:
    Please also make sure that your rooms/desks are correctly linked in your location structure.

    This can be configured via Settings > Meet > Rooms & Settings > Work > Desks.
  • Link a map to a location:
    A location can now be configured with a link to a map. So the portal can show the right map at the right moment.
    This can be configured via Settings > General > Locations in the new portal.
  • Size of the map:
    The size of the background of the map should not exceed 300kb, which is visible in the media library. If it is too large, it will not be shown in the new portal. You will get a warning message. This is important to give the best performance for your users.

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