Validation errors when booking a Room


When you try to save a Room Booking in the GoBright portal, and you get a ‘Validation Errors’ with ‘Booking cannot be processed in the external system. (code: BookingProcessingExternalSystemActionFailed)‘ message then follow the steps below to solve this issue:

  1. Check if the integration is still active
    • Check Admin Center > Integration > Open your integration and check if there is a red status message like: “Invalid, failed to connect via service account … “
      • Check with your System Admin if the password of the service account has been changed. If so, click on the green ‘Link …’-button and enter your service account plus the new password.
      • Advice is to set a non-expiring password or set a strong reminder to update the password in GoBright before expiration date is met of your service account password
  2. Check if you have detected issues
    • Check Settings > Logs > Detected Issues. Open a detected issue message
      • Category: subject of the issue
      • Discovered at: this field shows the specific time and date of discovery of the issue
      • Issue description: contains the description of the issue
      • Room: shows which Room this issue is detected
  3. Check your Logs
    • Check Settings > Logs > Logs. Search for a Error message and open the message
      • Module: this field will tell you the specific action, like User Login or Calendar synchronization
      • Moment: this field shows the specific time and date
      • Action: contains the description of the action
      • Message: contains a more detailed description of the issue

If there is a detected issue or log error which you can’t seem to figure out, please open a detected issue/log error line so the whole error message is visible. Make a screenshot and send us additional information and the screenshot. Click here to send us a ticket.

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