Visit Profiles Configuration

For general information about profiles, please refer to the general ‘profiles’ article.


Device settings

The device settings configures your display device our GoBright device app is running on for the Visitor Kiosk. Please check our certified hardware article for more information.

Volume level is usually set to 0.

It is advised to schedule a daily reboot to keep your device running smoothly.


Lastly, it is advised to enable the ‘Protected settings’ to setup a pincode for your Visit display. You will need this pincode to exit our GoBright device app on your Visitor Display.


Visitor registration

Here you can define which buttons are visible for your visitors on the Visit Display. It is key to understand how the kiosk functions lead your visitors to the correct sign-in, and sign-out process.

‘Sign in’ button:
This is the primary button for signing in the kiosk. Visitors will have to enter their information and optionally select a host to sign in. This is used by the following visitor types:

  • New first time visitors
  • Visitors who do not have an appointment

You can select the following settings below:

  • Not visible
  • Visible
  • Visible and primary button

‘Sign in’ mode:
There are three settings that define which visitors are able to sign in using the kiosk:

  • Regular sign in only: enables sign in for visitors who do not own a badge with a QR code
  • Only sign in with QR code on badge: enables sign in for visitors who do have a badge
  • Regular sign in and sign in with QR-code on badge: enables sign in for all visitors

‘Sign out’ button:
This is the primary button for signing out of the kiosk. Visitors either search for their name or scan the QR-code on their badge to sign out. There are other ways to sign out visitors (automatically) within the configuration or manually signed out within the portal.

‘Sign out’ mode:
Decides whether either visitors with or without a QR-code can sign themselves out.

‘Been here before’ button:
When a visitor signs in, their information will be temporarily stored within the GoBright portal. This enables recurring visitors to quickly sign in using the ‘been here before’ button.

‘I have a QR-code’ button:
This button is used for visitors who have obtained a QR-code either on their badge or via the pre-registration email. It enables users to sign in immediately by scanning the QR code on the display. Note that this must make use of the camera on the device.

Opening hours

The opening hours configures when the device should turn the display on and off, so for example the display will turn off automatically when the building is closed (applicable on certified hardware).


Go back to the overview article to check what you still need to configure for your Visit module. If you want to proceed to configure your terms and conditions, then please click here.

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