Visual changes to the portal

GoBright will introduce a new layout in the top menu of the online web portal to create a better overview for the users. As we keep on upgrading and updating our solutions, we also keep on developing and testing the User interface for friendliness and efficiency. In the following image the current menu layout of the portal is shown:


The visual change that will be developed within the GoBright portal, is that the sub-menu ‘Meet’ and ‘Work’ will be combined into ‘Bookings’, see below:


As you may notice, the gray subtexts below the descriptions will be removed, to give it a cleaner look and feel. The sub menu’s part of ‘Meet’ and ‘Work’, will be combined into the sub menu of ‘Bookings’:


This means that when a user wants to check their own bookings, in the ‘my bookings’ list, or managers want to see the ‘all bookings’ list. They now have the ability there to switch between rooms and desks, and later also parking (see below), instead of having to go to a separate menu.


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