Wayfinder in GoBright View

It’s possible to show the Wayfinder that has been created within GoBright View. This has a few advantages in regards to the standard Wayfinder:

  • The visualization can be adjusted using Widget parameters
  • The wayfinder can be alternated with other content
  • The wayfinder can be part of other content within the slide or zone

Create an API key

To begin create an API key within the Meet, Work Visit portal.

Log in to the portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > General > API Access

Note the API Url that is displayed

Next, create a new API key:

  • Click Add
  • Choose type Display
  • Select the Wayfinder device (a device must be added before it can be selected here)
  • Write GoBright View in the purpose field
  • Click Generate

GoBright API Key form

A popup with an API Token will be displayed, it’s important that this token is saved immediately when it appears because this key cannot be viewed later. This API key used within GoBright View.

Within GoBright View

Now that we’ve created the API token, we’ll need to add it to the Wayfinder widget.

  1. Log in to Gobright View.
  2. Create a new slide or open an existing one
  3. Add or select the Wayfinder Widget (it’s under Custom Widgets)
  4. Click the Wayfinder widget and enter the API Key within the parameters
  5. Make sure that you select the right API URL
  6. Click save and update the content

Wayfinder Widget Parameters

Note that you can select a specific API Url from the dropdown menu that should match with the URL you’ve located earlier.

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