Houdijk Holland

Houdijk Holland is a machine factory based in Vlaardingen. “Houdijk designs and assembles advanced systems for fully automatic loading in plastic trays or packaging machines of all kinds of cookies, biscuits and biscuits and crackers”. In almost 100 years, the family business has grown into a leading company employing around two hundred people. The slogan of Houdijk Holland is: “First in biscuit feeding”.

“Yes, we are a progressive company,” says Jaap Tempelman, ICT manager at Houdijk Holland. “We have grown considerably in recent times, both in assignments and in personnel. And we are always trying out new things ”. And that also applies precisely to the GoBright Room Management that they purchased via GoBright reseller AENC.


How did they end up with Room Management

“The director encountered this at another GoBright customer and wanted to apply this in his own company. At Houdijk Holland, people like to work with beautiful, modern systems ”. Houdijk then ended up at reseller AENC. “The offer matched our wishes in terms of both price and products.”

Tempelman remembers the contact as good and professional. Questions were answered almost immediately. A visit was made by an accountmanager, who gave a demo and discussed the offer. “This was a pleasant conversation and we immediately made the order.” The hardware and software were delivered quickly, after which a short user training took place on location for the four IT staff at Houdijk Holland.

“We now have a new project at AENC, namely the renewal of our visitor registration system, so that says enough!”

Jaap Tempelman

Manager ICT, Houdijk Holland

With the Room Management system, users can now arrange the reservations for nine meeting rooms within Houdijk Holland. This can be done online, via an app or with an interactive display. These displays hang at every meeting room, so that it can also be seen on site when a room is available.

In the meantime, Room Management has been used for some time. It is well used by the staff. Whether Houdijk Holland looks back on the project with a satisfied feeling? “We now have a new project, namely the renewal of our visitor registration system, so that says enough!”

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Houdijk Holland

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