Login Experience

‘Merging Two Portals’

Before the new login experience was launched, we had two different Online Portals. One for the Meet-Work-Visit solutions (using Modern Authentication such as: Single Sign-On) – depending on the GoBright solutions you are using, and one for GoBright View – digital signage (using traditional password login).

Users were used to login with different URL’s for GoBright Meet-Work-Visit and GoBright View. Both online portals are now merged into one Portal. This means that modern authentication is now also available for GoBright View.

For Meet-Work-Visit users, multiple integration login options were already available. From now on View users can also login with their Microsoft- or Google account to enter the Online Portal.

What has changed for you?

1. Meet-Work-Visit or View User

It is important to mention that the Online Portal is still the same when you are a Meet-Work-Visit user or when you are a View user. You login via the new login screen and you are automatically redirected to the right Online Portal fitting with your product(s).


2. Meet-Work-Visit and View User

When you are both a Meet-Work-Visit and  View user, there are some changes you must be aware about.

Logging into the Online Portal now means that you automatically enter the Meet-Work-Visit dashboard and need to switch to the Dashboard for View. You can do this with the switch button on the top right corner of your dashboard. Of course, you can also switch back to the Meet-Work-Visit dashboard.

Switching is easy and the content of both dashboards have remained the same. So, besides the switch button everything else works the way you are used to.

Switching between the Solutions

For Administrators: User and Integration Settings

Users and integrations for Meet-Work-Visit and View are now managed in one place in the Online Portal. As an admin you need to use the switch button to enter the admin center for configurations. Previously, users of Meet-Work-Visit in combination with View , had to install user and integration settings in both portals. Now, you only have to add, adjust or manage the user and integration settings once, via the admin center.

As a user of multiple GoBright applications, logging into the Online Portal has become easier. Modern authentication makes easy login possible, upgrading your work experience with our products.


Switching to Admin Center

User and Integrations Settings Page



Once you logged in, you automatically enter the New Online Portal (live since November 2020). Customers that are still working within the Old Portal, can switch back to that. But they need to know that upgrades and new features are only available in the New Portal. The Old Portal eventually disappears completely.


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