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Enrich your Microsoft Workplace with GoBright.

It is important for businesses to provide their employees with tools that ensure efficient and effective communication. The seamless integration between GoBright and Microsoft is just that!

  • list-itemEffortless integration into Microsoft Teams.
  • list-itemImprove communication and collaboration.
  • list-itemIntegrations with Outlook and PowerBI.

Create your future-proof office with the Smart Workplace Solutions by GoBright and Microsoft.

GoBright - Integration with Microsoft Teams

What to expect from GoBright & Microsoft

Book your desk, room, parking spot, or locker; invite and pre-register your visitors and create digital signage playlists in the GoBright platform. GoBright is fully accessible via Microsoft Teams and Outlook, and works effortlessly with Azure AD and PowerBI.

Full integration into Microsoft Teams

Save time and effort. The GoBright Platform is fully integrated in Microsoft Teams. This means that there's no switching between the two systems needed. Access GoBright easily from your trusted team environment.

Analyses and Insights

Import data from GoBright Analytics into Microsoft PowerBI and make data-based decisions for your office.

Week Planner

Access the GoBright Week Planner and plan your week. See where your colleagues are, contact them, and collaborate in the flexible office.

All Products in One Place

Control and arrange the complete GoBright product range from Room and Desk Booking to Car Parking, Visitor Management and Digital Signage.

Fully Connected

GoBright connects with MS Teams, Outlook and PowerBI. Stay fully connected. Always.

Easy Booking = Easy Working

Have all the tools you need at hand when going into the office. Book your desk, arrange your Catering and Services for your meeting, invite visitors and much more.
Week Planner in GoBright Portal

The Power of GoBright & Microsoft

The connection between GoBright and Microsoft is more than smart and simple. Working with the tools as a combination means playing into the need employees have while working in a flexible work environment.

Boost Collaboration & Productivity

Connections between people is one of the most important elements in today’s work environment. As people do not only work at the office anymore, but are out and about, connection can be lost easily. By working with MS Teams in connection with GoBright, collaboration and productivity are boosted. Stay in contact with each other through our Week Planner for example. See where your colleagues are, anticipate on their week planning and meet each other in the office effectively through GoBright’s booking systems. The GoBright Integration in Microsoft Teams and the connection with Outlook makes working more productive and pleasurable.

Costs & Sustainability

The way we work today often doesn’t require much office space. People work from home or work somewhere else entirely. Touchpoints in the office are mostly for meeting up with colleagues to work together. This can result in having office floors filled with desks that are not used. What if you could gain insight into what facilities employees actually use? What if you could repurpose your office to the needs of employees? With GoBright’s tools you gain insight, make data-driven decisions and, save money. Use your space and facilities in a cost efficient way and spend your money sustainably.

GoBright Healthy Company Culture Employee Experience

Care for your Employees

Simply said, using GoBright and Microsoft saves you a lot of time. Work from one place and arrange all you need without trouble. Smart Workplace Solutions are indispensable in today’s work field. Besides easy and smart working, smart solutions support flexible working. This is top priority for HR and affects employee happiness immediately. Today’s but especially tomorrow’s employees require from their employer to support their work-life balance. Attract new talent and keep them engaged by continuously monitoring their behaviour and needs with which you stay ready for the Office of the Future.

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