Furniture Partner: AdaptionLab

Adaption Lab

Make any office yours.

AdaptionLab develops and designs smart office furniture that adjusts any workplace to the employee’s preferences within seconds.

Through its offerings, their goal is to:

  • list-itemMinimise daily user routines.
  • list-itemEnable focus and productivity.
  • list-itemEnsure an ergonomic workspace.

AdaptionLab’s mission is to achieve these goals, even in a desk-sharing office.

GoBright Partner AdaptionLab - Desk Sharing
GoBright Partner AdaptionLab - Smart Office Desk - desk sharing

About AdaptionLab

Founded in Hamburg and operating since 2021, AdapationLab supports companies in creating a more efficient work environment by combining the benefits of flexible workspaces for employers while sustaining a personalised workstation for employees. Selling a Smart Office Chair and Desk, both equipped with a memory function, the user’s preferences are stored in the AdaptionApp and ensure an ergonomic setup every time. Through its offerings, AdaptionLab minimises daily user routines to allow focus and productivity in a shared office space.
logo AdaptionLab - GoBright Partner

GoBright Partner: AdaptionLab - Smart Office - Desk Sharing
AdaptionLab X GoBright


Combining the hardware and software of a smart office to personalise flexible workspaces.

With the expected increase of flexible offices, individuals fear a loss of personalisation in the workplace. As a result, AdaptionLab and GoBright have taken the opportunity to work together and ensure personalisation in flexible workspaces. GoBright’s booking tool powers AdaptionLab furniture’s LEDs and displays in supplying the booking status. By enabling employees in checking the occupation status of workplaces and finding available desks, they are easily able to navigate the new corporate landscape.

"GoBright is one of the most user-centric booking systems for offices and, specifically, desks. This complements our strategy and makes GoBright the ideal partner, to join us on our mission to personalise anonymised shared office spaces. User acceptance of shared workspaces can only be ensured when we make the tools self-explanatory and easy to use."
Christoph Janyska
Head of Business Operations at AdaptionLab
GoBright Partner AdaptionLab - Smart Office height adjustable chair - desk sharing

More on AdaptionLab’s Products

Smartify your office with AdaptionLab’s products – the Smart Office Chair, Smart Office Desk, and AdaptionApp.

The Smart Office Chair is the first of its kind with smartphone connection that enables an automatic setup. Its multiple actuators automatically form to the user’s body, ensuring ergonomics and comfort. In addition to the memory function, it is equipped with joysticks that allow manual adjustment, Bluetooth connection, and multiple charging options. The Smart Office Desk then acts as a hub for the office chair and is equipped with buttons to manually adjust height, an NFC dock, a QI-charging pad, and optional acoustic protection and displays.

Everything is combined in the AdaptionApp, which acts as a digital personalized health assistant that playfully explains an ergonomic workplace setup and stores the user’s individual preferences.

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