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New Features & Upgrades

The map in the Online Portal is the perfect tool to see all rooms and desks in your office building. Our new and clever upgrade allows you to see what desks and rooms are available, occupied and who is present at that location.

The Mapping tool in the Online Portal and Mobile App is perfect to bring your office building to life in a visual display. Check the availability of meeting rooms and desks on each floor and book your spot. Looking for an available desk or room has now become an easier action because of our new upgrade.

Hover your cursor over the desks and rooms in the map. A small pop-up appears, displaying availability and when the desk can be booked. Another important part of the pop-up is that you can quickly see who has booked the desk. Simply move your cursor to another desk or room to see the information connected. It is now easier and faster to find your perfect work location within the office.Cursor Pop-Up

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