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Custom Fonts in GoBright Digital Signage

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Making a memorable impression on your employees, customers and visitors can help with building brand identity. Make sure you can communicate messages and information to everyone in the corporate identity of your company.

It is now possible to upload your custom company fonts into GoBright Digital Signage.  Corporate identity is an important element of building a brand. Making a conscious decision in this helps representing your company or brand. Visual identity is key.

Custom Fonts

Visual identity is defined by colour use, font use, content structure, and more visually-defining choices. You can now use your custom company fonts in GoBright Digital Signage. This way you can communicate messages and information to your visitors, customers, and employees in the corporate identity of your company.


This new feature has been widely requested by our customers. As there was such a high demand for customisation in GoBright Digital Signage, we decided to develop the feature. We aim to remain the 31 user-friendly software provider and therefore continuously upgrade our solutions, taking user requests into account.

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