Flexible Booking – Booking Periods for Desks

Flexible desk use is important when working in the modern office. By booking desks via the GoBright Platform, you are ensured of a suitable place to work. We have upgraded our system by adding the possibility to book for the AM, PM, or entire day, instead of specific times during the day. What works best for your organisation?

After popular request to make flexible and agile working more diverse, we have created the option to offer making bookings in the AM, PM or for the entire day. As administrator, you can make the choice what type of booking time setting works best for the organisation. Do you want your employees to book their workplace for a part of the day, or let them book specific times? It is also possible to only allow employees to book a desk for the entire day, instead of a specific period of the day.

Booking Periods for Desks

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how much time you need a desk for. Booking for a period during the day, for example the morning, or the afternoon, can be a solution for more flexible time scheduling.

Choose what time settings work best for your type of organisation and employees. Switching the booking time settings can be done in the Online Portal.

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