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New Extensions for GoBright Visitor Management

New Features & Upgrades

We have upgraded our Visitor Management System platform with additional features. These improve the user experience, for both the visitors and the host.

New Extensions

  • All configuration pages are ported to the new GoBright Portal.
  • Default fields for the company name and licence plates.
  • Filters on visitor lists to improve the search experience.
  • ‘Show on Kiosk’ to be modified per field (not for ‘Show at Pre-Registration checkbox, this already exists).

Visit Extensies

This improves the user experience for setting up and gathering information from the GoBright Visitor Management System. It furthermore creates a more efficient process for the visitors visiting your building, since unnecessary information is not needed.

Do you want to read more about the technical side of this upgrade? Visit our Help Center with the button below and search for March 3rd.

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