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Personalising the GoBright Online Portal

New Features & Upgrades

Personalise the GoBright online environment with your corporate logo!

The GoBright Portal is the online environment where employees book their rooms, desks, and parking spaces for the days they work at the office. Normally, this is a GoBright branded environment. It is now possible to brand the GoBright Portal with your company logo, matching it with your own corporate identity.

Companies can upload a corporate logo to the GoBright Portal. The logo will appear in the top left corner. This way it becomes a company tool that is recognisable for employees.

It is possible to personalise the GoBright Portal for Room Booking, Desk Booking and Visitor Registration. You can upload a logo, as an image, with a preferred size of 200px width and 44px height. It needs to be 200KB or less.

Branding Your GoBright Online Portal

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