Renewed Menu Structure GoBright Online Portal

At GoBright we regularly test and improve the user-experience and user-interface on user-friendliness and efficiency. And sometimes this results in upgrades or improvements on the visualisation of the Online Portal, or Mobile App. In this case we introduce a new menu structure for our Online Portal. This new menu structure provides a better overview for the users and in this way multiple types of bookings (rooms, desks and parking spots) can be displayed, under one and the same heading “Bookings”.

Customers who use both our Desk Booking and Room Booking solutions will no longer see the menu items “Work” and “Meet” next to each other in the menu. In the renewed menu they will see a menu item “Bookings” with “My Bookings” in the sub menu.

The renewed GoBright Online Portal Menu.

What do these changes mean for you?
The grey subtexts below the menu items will be removed. This gives the menu a cleaner look and feel.

– There is one menu item visible for all your bookings: “Bookings”.
Here you will find an overview of all your bookings for desk, rooms and parking spots.
Bookings made in the past and bookings for the upcoming days, weeks, or months.

– The dashboard remains the same. The dashboard provides an overview of today’s bookings, or any other date that you select in the calender.

GoBright Renewed Menu Structure Portal

Switching between desks, rooms, and parking spots

When users want to check their personal bookings they go to ‘My Bookings’ in the Bookings tab of the menu. Switching between booked desks, rooms and soon parking spots is done here.

Visual Changes to Portal - Switching


“Bookings” Menu Structure

“My Bookings” is visible to all users.
“All bookings, Timeline, Approvals and Service Handling” are optionally visible, based on assigned user rights.

GoBright Online Portal - Menu structure


Watch de menu improvements via this video.

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