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The best user experience with GoBright’s Certified Hardware

We create smart software solutions to enable desk, room and visitor management at the office. The user experience of our software is even better when it is applied to high-quality hardware. Think about the screens that are used for Room Control, Wayfinding and Mapping or the sensors for occupancy measuring, the badge printers for visitor registration or the actuator system from Linak to control the height adjustability of the desks.

GoBright Webinar – Back to office in times of Covid19 (in German)

Chris Wiegeraad, Commercial Director at GoBright organised a webinar together with Marcel Ecke, Service & Support Manager, from our distributor eLink Distribution AG (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The topic was “back to office in times of Covid19”. They spoke about desk sharing, desk booking, and occupancy management. But also what we can learn about - and how we can benefit from - the current situation.
Off course you can still watch this webinar (in German).

How to manage a future proof workplace with desk booking

The office environment has changed a lot in recent years and terms such as open spaced working, activity based working and hot desking are frequently heard terms. However, this way of working is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It is a combination of working, collaborating, meeting and inspiring that can be fulfilled differently for every industry, every organization and even for every person. The starting point for this working method is that employees must always and everywhere have access to relevant information and that they can work where, when and how they like it. This requires a flexible interpretation of your office environment.

Occupancy measuring with NFC stickers

Desk Booking is not just about being able to reserve a workplace. You also want to know what the actual occupancy rate is and how many no-shows there are. Based on this information you can make analyses and optimally organise the workplace. If you want to experience the full possibilities of GoBright desk booking, you should also use the Connect (check in / out) and / or Sensoring (detects movement).

GoBright Hygienic desk feature ready to use

Purple, the color which indicates a desk needs to be cleaned (Covid-19 proof), before another colleague uses it, is now live in the portal. If you check out at a desk, both the Connect & Glow on the desk and the desk itself on the Mapping will turn purple. Other colleagues know they can’t use this desk at this moment.

GoBright Portal Renewed

In October we will launch our renewed and redesigned portal. In addition to a new, fresh look & feel in GoBright corporate identity, searching and booking rooms, desks and other spaces becomes more intuitive and even easier. In addition, we have added the interactive “mapping” to the portal. This gives you a better overview of the availability of desks and rooms per floor. You can choose a workplace according to your own preferences make a booking directly from the map. And your personal dashboard offers insight into your reservations. More info about the renewed portal will follow soon.

GoBright Webinar – Back to the office in times of Covid19 (English)

In June 2020 GoBright colleague Chris Wiegeraad spoke with Jon Knight, from our distributor in the UK and Ireland - Ascentae - about the current Covid-19 situation, government guidelines and the GoBright smart office solutions that enable a safe return to the office, but are also focused on the future. Reserving desks or meeting rooms and the targeted registration of visitors is not only a handy tool in a Covid-19 period, but a long-term solution with which you can improve your workplace management, use spaces more efficiently, save costs and at the same time gain better insight in the occupancy rate of your departments, meeting rooms and other spaces in the building.

Intermark Sistemi is our new distributor in Italy

Intermark Sistemi is our new distributor in ItalyRecently we have been able to add Intermark Sistemi to our network of distributors. And we are very happy with that, because with Intermark Sistemi we have found a good partner in Italy. They are an engineering...