2021 - GoBright - Bop Awards

GoBright nominee BOP Awards 2021

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GoBright has been nominated for the Benelux Office Products Awards (BOP Awards), in the category Hybrid Working Solutions.

New category

In 2020 we were still in the middle of the corona crisis and the BOP Awards had added a separate Corona category for the 2020 Awards. The number of entries was enormous. Now that the situation has somewhat normalised again and we are looking forward to a bright future, the corona category has been deleted. And a new category has been introduced for the 2021 Awards: ‘Hybrid Working Solutions’. Ideally for products and solutions that provide a long term positive boost to businesses. Solutions that really contribute to the synergy between work and life at the office and at home; for now and in the future.

2021 - GoBright - Bop Awards

A day at the office with GoBright

We are proud that GoBright has been nominated in this category. The GoBright platform offers smart software solutions for desk, room and visitor management that fit together perfectly and are easy to use. Find an available workstation, meeting room or locker via the online portal, mobile app or outlook. At any time, from anywhere. Book it in seconds and be assured of a workplace that fits your needs.

This is what a day at the office with GoBright looks like.

Hybrid working

The concept of hybrid working is not new. That it is has been revived by Covid-19 and is here to stay, is obvious. In simple terms: With hybrid working you as an individual, or team, work partly in the office and partly remotely (from home or elsewhere). Preferably considering the type of work you do. So, do the right job, in the right place. Brainstorming and collaborating are easiest done in the office, face-to-face. Especially if you need materials that are available at the office. But you can also write an annual report, prepare a pitch, or read an important document at home. Find the balance that suits you and your team best.

And when you do go to the office, book your workplace or meeting room in advance with GoBright.


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