Philips Professional Displays and GoBright software go hand-in-hand in ‘the office of the future’.

Do you want to know what your office could look like, equipped with the latest AV solutions? PPDS recently started a campaign in which they show what the office of the future will look like. Fully equipped with Philips Professional Displays and the latest technologies in Smart Office solutions. GoBright is part of this campaign and is proud to be a Philips Partner for Room Booking, Desk Booking, Visitor Registration and Wayfinding / Mapping solutions.

Corporate Solutions Configurator

Design and deploy a tailored setup across your entire business with the easy-to-use and powerful PPDS Corporate Solutions Configurator. Simply choose your workspaces and select your needs to create the perfect custom solution including all hardware and software. That way you immediately see which Philips Professional Displays  you can use in each room or at each floor. Moreover, it becomes clear how you can set up your office in an efficient way and what benefits those smart software solutions will offer you.

Corporate Solutions Configurator

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PPDS - GoBright - Corporate Solutions Campaign


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