Occupancy measuring with NFC stickers

Desk Booking is not just about being able to reserve a workplace. You also want to know what the actual occupancy rate is and how many no-shows there are. Based on this information you can make analyses and optimally organise the workplace. If you want to experience the full possibilities of GoBright desk booking, you should also use the Connect (check in / out) and / or Sensoring (detects movement).

But if you are looking for a fast and affordable solution, we now also offer NFC stickers. Of course in combination with the Work license for desk booking.


  • Can be delivered and implemented quickly (in large numbers);
  • Low cost – low effort;
  • No need to drill a hole in the desk;
  • Works via app and as soon as you check in at a desk, this is immediately visible on the ‘Mapping’.

What do you miss compared to Connect / Sensor:

  • Status of the desks  is not visible on the desk itself (green / red / blue / purple);
  • The Connect flashes to indicate which desk is yours;
  • The Connect has a ‘do not disturb’ mode;
  • With the built-in Connect you can also automate the height adjustability of your desk;
  • The sensor provides automatic check in/out, without NFC scanning.

Want to know more?

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Occupancy measuring with NFC stickers

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GoBright Hygienic desk feature ready to use

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GoBright Portal Renewed

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