Recurring Desk Booking

The GoBright Platform has a new feature to create recurring desk bookings with our desk booking system. Are you planning to work together with a colleague for a few days in a row and do you want to make sure you have a workplace next to each other? Or will you go to the office everyday next week and would you like to be assured of having the same desk? Make your desk booking recurring! It is now possible to book a desk repeatedly via ‘advanced booking’, in any booking structure you wish.

With the recurring desk booking feature in the Online Portal and the Mobile App, you can plan and structure your workdays ahead easier. Which makes the use of Desk Booking even more efficient for all employees.


Enabling Recurring Desk Booking

Every company can determine the conditions under which Recurring Desk Booking is introduced. The administrator enables and configures the feature via the Portal Settings.

In the user ‘roles’ you can determine which type of roles are allowed to make Recurring Desk Bookings and how far they can book in advance. Desk occupation, live occupancy status and future bookings can be tracked. It is now also possible to switch on the possibility for users to book a desk for a longer time. Go to the Helpcenter to find out how to enable this feature.

Read more about Settings and Roles Go to Helpcenter


User Benefits

  • Users decide if their recurring desk booking should be regular, irregular, daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Advanced desk booking set-ups can always be changed. Desk booking times can be extended and shortened, individual bookings in a booked series can be cancelled and changes to singular bookings can be made.


Recurring desk booking - plan your workdays ahead


  • The feature directly checks desk availability on the preferred days and times. If your wishes are not available, an error message will appear.recurring desk booking - check desk availability


  • A recognisable symbol shows if a desk booking is recurring or not.

Recurring desk booking - recognize recurring bookings


User Advice

  • Recurring Desk Booking may influence the desk occupancy rates. If a colleague does not show up at the recurringly booked desk, this desk remains unavailable for other colleagues to book it and work at. Therefore, we advise you to use desk sensors and GoBright Connect or NFC stickers to manage check-ins/outs and no-shows.
  • In order to support the flexibility of the hybrid,- or activity based office, we recommend somewhat limiting the end date of future recurring bookings. This way you prevent desks from being booked a year in advance and indirectly being used as fixed desks.


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