Soft Check-In

The Soft Check-In feature was requested by some customers looking for another way to check-in to desks, rooms, and parking spots. Soft Check-Ins is an alternative check-in feature for the GoBright Connect, NFC Sticker and Room Display. It enables you to check-in at your desks, for example, through the Online Portal or via the Mobile App.

Soft Check-In via App & Portal

In some situations, it is difficult or impossible to do a physical check-in via a GoBright Connect, NFC Sticker and Room Display. For example, when companies have bookable parking spots. For those situations a soft check-in is the perfect tool. Picture yourself stepping out of your car at the office and checking-in via your mobile phone. It’s as easy as that. Users can use the Mobile App or go to the Online Portal and check-in with one click.

To give facility managers and companies the choice to use soft check-ins, the feature is switched off initially. It must be switched on in the Portal specifically via the desk and room profiles.

Gathering the right data is important when analysing your office occupation and user behaviour. Soft check-ins simply reduce that accuracy whereas physical check-ins are much more reliable. We therefore advise to only use the soft check-in option when necessary.


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