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The #1 user-friendly, cloud-based platform for Room, Desk & Visitor Management and Digital Signage solutions.

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From our founder

GoBright was founded in 2016. Originated from a great dream to make working at the office worldwide more effective, easier and smarter. At the office, we prefer to spend our time on positive things such as working with great customers, exciting projects and building relationships. We don’t want to waste our time on annoying, energy-guzzling activities that cause irritation. Such as the endless search for available work / meeting places, unnecessary administrative actions or complicated systems.

We saw opportunities in the market to use smart technologies to simplify searching and booking rooms and desks and welcoming visitors. Of course, there were already different (FMIS) systems for room booking or digital receptions on the market. But often those systems did not work together or with other IT systems properly. We could handle that differently!

And so, the dream became reality

A couple of driven, enthusiastic software talents got together and developed the GoBright platform. A platform that we set extremely high standards for when it comes to user-friendliness, quality, innovation, connectivity with other systems and data security. This is proven by the fact that GoBright is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Our own developers determine how the platform expands and innovates even further. This allows us to respond quickly to trends and developments in the market. Trends that are quickly forseen by our sales and marketing colleagues.

Lumen Vera Holding

GoBright is based in the Netherlands and is part of the Lumen Vera Holding.


Creating Availability

Our slogan is “Creating Availability” for a reason. Availability in the broadest sense of the word is key to us. GoBright offers solutions for a better insight into the accessibility of offices, the presence of free workspaces, the availability of meeting rooms and the provision of information. And we do so by creating Smart Office Software.

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The user experience of our software is even better when it is applied to high-quality hardware. We think it is important to collaborate with other (technical / IT / furniture) partners. This way, we both can excel in our own field and use our own strengths to innovate.

In the end, the customers get even better solutions. Only the best is good enough. That is why we partner with worldwide known manufacturers that are specialists in their own field.

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We work with indirect sales through a channel of distributors and resellers. We have noticed that the demand for our products is increasing worldwide. And that is why our distributor network continues to expand.

We are currently working with distributors in 18 countries. Our distributors are selected with the greatest care and are happy to assist you. They have perfect knowledge of the industry and our products and they provide local service, training and advice.

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