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  • Your communication point at GoBright.
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GoBright's Product Experts

Do you have a question about your GoBright solution? Do you need help installing your products to start creating your smart office? With any question you have regarding your purchase, our support team is here to help you. As GoBright Product Experts, our support colleagues deliver product support, product explanation and training, and are in contact with customers daily.

As a colleague in this team, analysing contacts and filtering recurring problems regarding software and hardware is important. Support knows what is going on with customers; their input is critical to improvements and innovations. Therefore the support team is in close contact with the GoBright development team.

Our support team is service- and customer focused, communicative, stress resistant and can multitask like no other. Their main goal is assisting every distributor, reseller, and customer the best way they can and represent what GoBright stands for: integrity, relationship-oriented communication, trust, and innovation.

GoBright Support Team - Help Center - Implementation and Installation

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

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GoBright Support Team - Leander

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