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Collaboration & Communication

Ensure a collaborative environment in the hybrid workplace.

  • All Smart Workplace Solutions in one platform.
  • Useful integrations with Microsoft, Google Workspace, and more.
  • Accessible and user-friendly software.

The power of GoBright

Smart Workplace technology is essential to create an environment where employees can work and collaborate smoothly. GoBright has the perfect solutions to create a Smart & Hybrid Office.

  • Integrations

    Seamless integrations with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Workspace, and more.

  • Team bookings

    Make bookings for your entire team to be sure you work close to each other.

  • Zone bookings

    Book a specific zone at the office for uninterrupted collaboration.

  • Week Planner

    Know which days your colleagues will work at the office or from home.

  • Digital Signage

    Communicate messages throughout the workplace that are impossible to ignore.

  • Do not disturb

    Activate the 'Do not disturb' mode to let your colleagues know you need to focus.

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GoBright Desk Booking - Booking via Mobile App

Room & Desk Booking

In today’s hybrid working environment, the office serves as a vital space for collaboration and connection. Employees come together to brainstorm and tackle challenges as a team. To help them organise these days for collaboration, it is essential to have a user-friendly room and desk booking system in place.

GoBright’s Room Booking and Desk Booking System help employees manage the days that they decide to work at the office. With just a few clicks, they can book meeting rooms, desks, lockers, and parking spaces, whether they’re at the office or working remotely. Looking for a colleague? Find them in no-time with the ‘Find my colleague’-function. This ability for employees to plan their workdays in advance, helps people optimise their schedules and make the most out of their time at the office.

GoBright - Integrations - Microsoft Teams - and Outlook - GoBright Portal- Desk Booking System


To stimulate collaboration and communication in a flexible workplace, it is essential that your Smart Workplace Solutions are integrated with the right tools. GoBright offers integrations with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Google Workspace, and TOPdesk, ensuring user-friendliness and time-efficiency. Workspace bookings synchronise seamlessly through all platforms, and the entire GoBright Platform can be managed within Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

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GoBright Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital signage is essential in the communication strategy of any modern organisation. Display important messages to visitors, inform your employees on company updates, or use it for Wayfinding. GoBright Digital Signage integrates with Microsoft programmes like Power BI, Sharepoint, and Excel, but also with scheduling tools such as GP Untis and Zermelo. Show useful information, anywhere, anytime.

GoBright’s Digital Signage Solution can be managed in the GoBright Platform, but can also be used from within your Microsoft Teams or Outlook environment.

More about Digital Signage
GoBright - Week Planner - Collaboration

Week Planner

With the Week Planner you can indicate where you work, and view the whereabouts of your colleagues. The ultimate goal of the Week Planner is to provide employees with more insights into the planning of their co-workers; to improve productivity and collaboration.

Learn more about the Week Planner


Returning to the Office, or implementing Hybrid Working by using Smart Office Solutions, forces you to think about creating a better Employee Experience and a Sustainable Office.


GoBright - Viridium

Practical Hybrid Working with Room & Desk Booking

  • 800 + employees
  • Challenge: Finding the right balance with hybrid working
  • Room Booking and Desk Booking
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GoBright - IJsselheem

Flexible working solutions in monumental building

  • 2700+ employees
  • Challenge: Boost collaboration and connection at the workplace
  • Room Booking, Desk Booking and Microsoft Integrations
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