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Our team of experts is prepared to help you implement Smart Workplace tools for a future-ready office.

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We are GoBright

Originating from the dream to create and innovate, our founder and CEO Wietse Hagoort started GoBright in 2016. He started from the belief that office life could be lifted to the next level, creating an effortless and smart experience for all involved.

Software creation is our driving force in transforming and innovating the office building into a smart environment and making office life a better experience. Our global growth has been an adventure. We’ve gone from a handful of colleagues to a team of 35 remarkable individuals (and still counting), working together to serve our customers worldwide.

Our solutions progress with the changing needs of employers and employees, and we are committed to making office life better in an ever-evolving world. From simple room booking and desk booking solutions our software matured to a complete platform that empowers employees to work the way they want and gives employers the right tools and data to make strategic decisions about their office space.

GoBright Founder and CEO Wietse Hagoort

We are strongly committed to providing our customers with the most innovative and user-friendly solutions to help creating better workplaces.

Wietse Hagoort Founder and CEO of GoBright
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Brand purpose

Transforming and innovating your office into a smart environment and making office life a better experience.

guiding principles

GoBright works according to five Guiding Principles, guiding us through our daily work activities. It helps create a nice working environment and creates a bond between colleagues.


We believe in the power of strong relationships. Understanding the needs of clients, employees, and partners is key.

Genuine interest and mutual understanding lead to true engagement and the greatest innovations.


Our clients' and our own environments are constantly changing, requiring us to be flexible and responsive.

By remaining forward-looking yet adaptable, we can stay ahead of the curve and meet any challenge head on.


In the end, our success is measured by our ability to achieve results. To ensure lasting commitment, we must continuously improve our performance.

This requires intelligence and curiosity, as we seek to discover new ways to do better and reach new heights.


Our products' success hinges on its user-friendliness. Just like building loyalty and trust with colleagues, clients and partners require kindness and a positive attitude.

Ultimately, being pleasant to work with is a key component of success in all areas.


We can proudly say we are experts in finding the right solution for each situation.

We know what we are talking about. That gives us confidence to explore new ideas, find unique solutions, and constantly keep pushing boundaries.

The GoBright Team

Our Guiding Principles are connected to all levels of our network. We want to be engaged, resilient, performing, pleasant, and strong-minded. Especially with our team. They are an indispensible element of GoBright. They are a constant factor in delivering service of our customer.

Working at GoBright means connecting with different teams through collective projects, supporting each other in daily work activities, having fun and being the best colleagues we can possibily be.

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Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the process and ensure your office is equipped for the future.

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