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Room booking system

Check the availability of meeting rooms and book your room within seconds. Use the GoBright solutions to make a booking at any time.

  • Are meeting rooms not used? How can you stop overspending on floorspace?
  • Double bookings and interruptions are frustrating. How can you use your office space efficiently?
  • Explore opportunities to maximise space efficiency.

What can GoBright Room Booking mean for you?

Discover your Benefits

Benefits for Users

In flexible workplaces, the office remains a central hub for collaboration, communication, and connection.

  • Efficiency

    No interruptions, double bookings or unnecessarily empty rooms.

  • Connection & Communication

    Stay connected when working online and remote.

  • More than just booking a Space

    Book Catering & Services and invite visitors simultaneously.

  • Integrations

    Easy access and use of Outlook, MS Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Benefits for Employers

Enhance employee meetings with well-equipped and user-friendly meeting rooms for optimal office collaboration.

  • Increase efficiency

    Provide spaces aligned with employees' needs for enhanced utilisation.

  • Real Estate Savings

    Save money on floorspace, lighting and power; based on accurate data.

  • Insights and Analytics

    Analyse and manage meeting room occupancy.

  • Accurate

    Prevent mistakes with automated room booking system.

GoBright - Team - Marketing - Hybrid working

Start Saving Money

Create the most ideal Hybrid workplace, save money, and improve employee happiness at the same time.

GoBright Room Booking Features

Room management is more than just booking a room. It is about managing the rooms facilities and knowing how the rooms at the office are being used. GoBright Room Booking software creates an office environment where Hybrid Working is the norm.

GoBright Room Booking - Dutch Railways - Nederlandse Spoorwegen - NS - Mobile App - flexible booking

Unique booking software for flexible workspaces

The GoBright Platform empowers employees to book rooms based on their preferences, enhancing collaboration in flexible workspaces. It offers a user-friendly platform for booking, checking in/out, and managing existing reservations. You can also gain valuable insights into office space utilisation.

  • Online Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Outlook Plugin

Make ad hoc bookings

Check the availability of a room by looking at the Room Panel. Are you looking for a meeting room spontaneously? Just make an ad hoc room booking via the Room Panel. Did your meeting end earlier than planned? Check out via the Room Panel and make the room available again for other colleagues.

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GoBright Room Management - Control - 001

Take full control of your meeting

With GoBright Control you are in complete control of the lighting and AV equipment inside of the meeting room. Stop or extend meetings and report issues immediately. Total control, without any hassle.

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GoBright Room Booking - Mapping

A visual representation of your office

This dynamic tool offers a visual representation of your entire office space, allowing you to easily check the availability of meeting rooms, desks, and lockers on each floor. The interactive map provides a real-time, consistently updated, and precise overview. Plus, you have the option to add points of interest to the map, like restrooms, elevators, and emergency exits.

You can access GoBright Mapping through various channels, including a touch screen on your office floor, the GoBright Portal, or the Mobile App.

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GoBright Meet - Room Management - Wayfinding

Your guide through the building

Navigate the building with ease using GoBright Wayfinding. It displays real-time room occupancy and helps you locate meeting rooms and upcoming meetings. Place Wayfinding in reception or on each floor’s entrance for effortless building navigation by colleagues, customers, or visitors.

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GoBright Room Booking software - Room Booking - Catering & Services

Everything you need for a smooth meeting

With the Catering & Services feature you can book your services like AV equipment, food and drinks etc. simultaneously with your room booking. Companies can create their own service catalog and ensure accurate communication with their service providers. The upside… when your meeting date, or time changes, the service bookings you made are automatically adjusted as well.

GoBright Week Planner in laptop - 2024

Plan your week ahead

The Week Planner is your go-to tool for flexible office scheduling. It lets you plan your workdays ahead and keep tabs on your colleagues’ whereabouts. The aim is to enhance productivity and collaboration by knowing who’s in the office and who’s working remotely. So, do you need to plan an in-office meeting with your team? Just check the Week Planner for their availability.

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GoBright - Issue Reporting

Optimise the office experience

With issue reporting, employees can notify the right department about any problems within a few seconds. No more unused workspaces or deferred maintenance!

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GoBright Interact - Room Booking Hardware

Revolutionary GoBright Booking device

Discover the GoBright Interact, a game-changer for meeting room management. With this compact hardware device, you can effortlessly check room availability and book any room spontaneously. Its interactive display simplifies the process of booking and checking in/out.

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GoBright Meet- Room Management

Go for 100% accurate data

Room sensors are indispensable to enhancing our Room Booking software, registering room occupancy, with 100% accuracy, and displaying it across the entire GoBright platform. They anonymously monitor room usage and revert to “available” status when no movement is detected, allowing rooms to be freed up earlier if meetings end prematurely. Sensors provide data on room utilisation and even control room lighting based on movement.

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IAdea X GoBright Partnership - Partner Page

We partner with worldwide known manufacturers

The user experience of our software is even better when it is applied to high quality hardware. Certain hardware from brands such as ProDVX, Philips, IAdea, LG, and Yealink are certified for the use of GoBright Room Booking.

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GoBright Analytics in a Data Driven Office

Make data-driven decisions for your flexible office

Unlock the potential of your Flexible Office space with GoBright Analytics. It offers real-time occupancy insights based on room bookings, check-ins, and sensors. Discover room popularity, peak office days, and user preferences. Reduce no-shows, determine room types, and foster innovative work approaches. Facility Managers can make informed decisions for efficient workplaces and maximise space utilisation, even saving costs along the way.

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PowerBI logo - no background

Make informed decisions in a truly data-driven workplace

You can leverage GoBright Analytics by importing data into Microsoft Power BI dashboards, unlocking interactive, eye-opening reports. Gain invaluable insights on room and desk occupancy for office redesign. Combine data from various sources like climate control and security. With solid evidence,

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Gobright Visitor Registration Software - Welcome your guests

Invite and welcome guests to your meeting

Today’s office is a hub for collaboration and meetings. To make visitors feel welcome, GoBright’s Visitor Registration System ensures a professional greeting, whether you have a staffed or unmanned reception area. By digitally registering guests and offering self-check-in, your reception area becomes efficient and secure.

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GoBright Digital Signage - Narrowcasting - internal communication

You never get a second chance for a good first impression

Digital signage enhances the visitor experience at your office. Informative content, news updates, company information etc. ease waiting times, while for example Wayfinding software offers clear directions to meeting rooms. Branded videos and photos create a welcoming and engaging environment, leaving a positive impression of your company.

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Room Booking Integrations

To stimulate collaboration and communication integrating the right tools is essential. GoBright offers Room Booking integrations with Microsoft and Google Workspace tools, ensuring user-friendliness and time-saving. Workspace bookings synchronise seamlessly through all platforms.

GoBright also integrates with smart lockers and clever widgets for digital signage, delivering an accurate, complete, and insightful system.

How our customers' workflow has improved with GoBright Room Booking

GoBright Room Booking - Dutch Railways - Nederlandse Spoorwegen - NS - building

Optimised meetings with smart room booking

  • 1800+ employees
  • Challenge: Streamline meeting room booking process
  • Room Booking and Visitor Registration
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GoBright - Subaru

Improving Collaboration in the Headquarters

  • 36,000+ employees
  • Challenge: Optimise hybrid working strategy
  • Room Booking and Desk Booking
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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ's to find quick answers to common queries about our Room Booking Products, Features, and Services.

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What is Room Booking?

Booking rooms in advance to be ready for a meeting is called Room Booking. With a room booking system, people are able to search for and book a meeting...

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Why should I use a Room Booking system?

Room booking systems are beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as creating a better environment to collaborate, and measuring room occupancy. First and foremost, it provides your employees with...

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What are the benefits of working with GoBright's Room Booking software?

The GoBright Room Booking System is a user-friendly solution that integrates with various systems (Outlook, Teams, Google, FMIS), making it much more efficient for the user to book the...

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Can I book meeting rooms in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can! Since the GoBright integration in Microsoft Teams, it is possible to book meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces and lockers, all in one environment....

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