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GoBright Desk Booking

Desk Booking System

Check the occupation status of workspaces and book your favourite workplace within seconds. At any time, from any where.

  • Promote a flexible working environment;
  • Facilitate the right tools and optimise office space;
  • Ensure employee happiness at work.

GoBright Desk Booking Features

Desk management is more than just booking a workplace or desk. It is understanding the employee needs, wishes, and behaviour, and converting this into efficient use of the office. GoBright Desk Booking software creates an office environment where Flexible, or Hybrid Working is the norm.

GoBright - Desk Booking - Software - How to make a Desk Booking in the portal or app

Make a desk booking

When you want to book a desk, for this moment, or in the (near) future, wimple open the Gobright App, or Portal and select your preferred desk on the Map. Select the timeframe, and done! Your desk is booked. Want to make the booking recurring? No problem at all! Already at the office, you can also make a booking via the Mapviewer screen on your department. Or you can simply check-in at a free desk by scanning the Interact, or Connect, using the Mobile App, a NFC card, or tag.

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GoBright Desk Booking - Portal

Unique booking software for flexible workspaces

The GoBright Platform empowers employees to book desks, other type of workplaces, lockers, and parking places based on their preferences, enhancing collaboration in flexible workspaces. It offers a user-friendly platform for booking, checking in/out, and managing existing reservations. You can also gain valuable insights into office space utilisation.

  • Online Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Outlook Plugin
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GoBright - Mapping - Map Viewer - New upgrade

A visual representation of your office

Imagine having your office at your fingertips with GoBright Mapping. It is a map of your workspace, showing meeting rooms, desks, and lockers on every floor. The interactive map provides a real-time, consistently updated, and precise overview. Plus, you have the option to add points of interest to the map, like restrooms, elevators, and emergency exits.

Access the convenient GoBright Mapping through touch screens on your office floor, the GoBright Portal, or the Mobile App.

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GoBright Week Planner in laptop - 2024

Plan your week ahead

The Week Planner is a game-changer for flexible office arrangements. It lets you plan your workdays ahead, indicating when you will be at the office, or working remotely. You can also keep track on your colleagues’ whereabouts. The aim is to enhance productivity and collaboration.

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GoBright - Issue Reporting

Optimise the office experience

With issue reporting, employees can notify the right department about any problems within a few seconds. No more unused workspaces or deferred maintenance!

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LEHMANN Locks - Locker Partnership with GoBright

Flexible working needs flexible storage

When you booked a desk, you also need a locker at the same time, to store your belongings. Of course you want that locker to be near your workplace and suit your personal needs. With our desk sharing tool, locker integration is possible.

GoBright integrates with Vecos, Lehmann, and Keynius locks. Thanks to our partnership with Steelcase, WINI Büromöbel and Assmann there is always a suitable locker for your situation.

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GoBright - Products - Parking Space Booking - License plate, visitors

A seamless start of the day

When planning a day at the office, you might want to be guaranteed of a parking space as well. Find and book the perfect parking spot for your and your visitors’ vehicle, and gain insights into how your parking lot is being used.

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GoBright - Desk Booking System - Team Booking

Making Team Bookings

In GoBright’s Desk Booking system, it is also possible to book desks for your entire team. While making a booking, simply click on the toggle next to “Team” to select the group of colleagues you’d like to book for. Complete the booking process as you’re used to, and you’re done!

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GoBright - Products - Desk Booking - Features - Recurring desk booking

Making recurring bookings

If you find yourself back at the same desk practically every day, then it may even be easier and more time efficient to create a recurring booking. Simply select your preferred desk, click on ‘Advanced booking’, and determine when and for how long you’d like this booking to repeat.

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GoBright - Interact - Room Booking and Desk Booking

Revolutionary GoBright Booking device

Discover the GoBright Interact, a game-changer for desk management. With this compact hardware device, you can effortlessly check desk availability and book any desk spontaneously. Its interactive display simplifies the process of booking and checking in/out. And thanks to its memory function, the Interact can even adjust itself to the user’s personal preferred sitting and standing height.

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GoBright Smart Office Solutions that support Hybrid Working in the future of the office - GoBright Connect

Create your personal workspace

GoBright’s unique and patented Connect hardware device transforms any desk into a personalised workspace. With the Connect you can check-in/out via NFC/RFID or the GoBright App. The Connect displays the desk status, allows for personal desk settings, and collects occupancy data for efficient office setup.

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GoBright - Hardware - Glow - Desk occupation status

Visible occupation in the office

The GoBright Glow provides a quick glance at desk occupancy. Displayed on your monitor or partition wall, its LED light syncs with the GoBright Connect and Interact colours, ensuring a visible and efficient office occupancy overview.

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GoBright Desk Booking - NFC Sticker with Mobile Phone

Smart and simple

The NFC sticker is a cost-effective and hassle-free checking in/out and occupancy measurement solution. With easy implementation, no desk alterations required, and compatibility with smartphones, it’s a convenient choice for tracking occupancy on GoBright’s Platform.

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GoBright Work - Desk Booking - auto check-in via sensor2

Go for 100% accurate data

Adding desk sensors to Desk Booking software offers several benefits, especially for employers. These sensors register desk occupation, whether booked or not, and display it on the GoBright Platform. No manual check out is needed; sensors detect inactivity and free up the desk. The sensors detect slight movements and body heat, ensuring accurate occupancy data collection.

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GoBright Analytics in a Data Driven Office

Make data-driven decisions for your flexible office

Unlock the potential of your Flexible Office space with GoBright Analytics. It offers real-time occupancy insights based on desk bookings, check-ins/outs, and the use of sensors. Discover desk popularity, peak office days, and user preferences. Reduce no-shows and foster innovative work approaches. Facility Managers can make informed decisions for efficient workplaces and maximise space utilisation, even saving costs along the way.

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PowerBI logo - no background

Make informed decisions in a truly data-driven workplace.

You can leverage GoBright Analytics by importing data into Microsoft Power BI dashboards, unlocking interactive, eye-opening reports. Gain invaluable insights on room and desk occupancy for office redesign. Combine data from various sources like climate control and security.

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Desk Booking Integrations

To stimulate collaboration and communication integrating the right tools is essential. GoBright offers Desk Booking integrations with Microsoft and Google Workspace tools, ensuring user-friendliness and time-saving. Workspace bookings synchronise seamlessly through all platforms.

GoBright also integrates with smart lockers and clever widgets for digital signage, delivering an accurate, complete, and insightful system.

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What sets GoBright Desk Booking apart

  • One platform for all

    Use Desk Booking, Room Booking, Visitor Management, and Digital Signage in one platform.

  • Custom work

    Our Development team is always working on the needs and wants of the market.

  • Licenses per desk

    We offer licenses per desk, not per user. This makes GoBright more cost-efficient.

  • Integrations

    We have full integrations with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Google Workspace.

  • Easy Management

    Easily create new desks, rooms, and mappings, within our platform, simplifying facility management's workflow.

  • Local Expertise

    Our global sales channel ensures local service, expert advice, and support in our end customers' own language and time zone.

  • Data Security

    We comply with the highest standards for data protection, GDPR legislation, and security management, with ISO 27001, ISO 9001, Entra ID, and our European Server network.

Gobright Team - Adam and Mathilde
GoBright - Guiding Princples - What makes us unique?

Start Saving Money

Discover how you can save money and improve employee happiness in a hybrid workplace.

GoBright - Admiral Group

GoBright aligned with our needs and was able to adapt with us in a mutual partnership. The platform is easy to use, has a great interface to manage bookings, and GoBright proactively develops the end-user experience and data sets.

Huw Llewellyn Head of Real Estate and FM
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How our customers' workflow has improved with GoBright Desk Booking

Gobright Work - Thirteen Group - Desk Booking

A specific set of requirements made possible with GoBright

  • 2500+ employees
  • Challenge: engender a culture of choice and trust
  • Room and Desk Booking and Visitor Registration
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GoBright - Viridium

Practical Hybrid Working with Room & Desk Booking

  • 800 + employees
  • Challenge: Finding the right balance with hybrid working
  • Room Booking and Desk Booking
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Desk Booking Packages

To guide you through our Desk Booking solutions, we have created three packages. This help you to discover what you expect and need from GoBright to support Hybrid Working.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ's to find quick answers to common queries about our Desk Booking Products, Features and Services.

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What is a Desk Booking System?

A desk booking system allows employees of a business to book their workplace or desk remotely, for example from home or while traveling. With GoBright Desk Booking, desks can be...

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What are the benefits of a Desk Booking System?

Implementing a Desk Booking system into your office environment has several benefits for both the employees and the employer. 1. Facilitates new ways of working We know that flexible working, or...

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What is hot desking?

Hot Desking is a way of flexible working. Most people don’t need the same desk every day, all day long. As a result, desks often remain unused for...

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How do you manage the hybrid workplace?

One of the drivers of the hybrid working model is flexibility. Employees from all over the world wonder how they can increase their flexibility in and around the...

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Why do I need a Desk Booking solution?

Desk Booking allows you to manage and control the occupancy at the office. Monitoring and measuring occupancy rate has many interesting advantages. First, you can create availability for...

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