Making Durable Decisions in the Sustainable Office

A sustainable office

Smart technology supports sustainable thinking and optimises accessibility and workplace performance for all employees. Prepare your office today for the workforce of tomorrow.

  • Smart and less expenses.
  • Work efficiently and contribute to a sustainable world.
  • Prioritise accessibility and inclusivity.
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A sustainable office implements environmentally friendly practices and technologies to minimise its ecological impact while maximising productivity. It embraces future-proof solutions like Smart Workplace Software, enabling smooth hybrid working environments. This software ensures accessibility and ease for all employees, facilitating smooth transitions between remote and in-person work. In essence, a sustainable office not only respects the planet but also empowers employees for the challenges of today.

What to expect from a Sustainable Office

Realising a sustainable office has many benefits for both the environment and the workforce.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Companies are becoming more aware of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and are choosing for sustainable solutions.

  • Smart Technology at work

    Smart Technology contributes to a more sustainably aware office environment.

  • Workplace Management tools

    Supporting efficient workplace management solutions has a positive effect on environmental pressure and corporate expenses.

  • The Return on Investment

    Sustainable care regarding office equipment, tools and employees positively influences the Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Inclusivity and accessibility

    User-friendly software that is easy to use for the entire workforce, from home or at the office.

A Sustainable Office with GoBright Solutions and Products
GoBright and a Sustainable Office

The Importance of Corporate Sustainability

Companies are becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability in their businesses. Many are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They are transitioning to choosing more sustainable solutions, in order to help save the environment and to create a better working climate. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) emphasises choosing long-term sustainable options over easy and quick wins.

Making better choices and rethinking the way we work is something we cannot do alone. Working together with smart solutions, technologies, partners and peers make us drastically rethink how to develop and implement sustainable solutions. Many organisations are making sustainability part of their corporate proposition. With the help of GoBright software solutions and products, you can implement sustainable, smart and effective solutions that yield great results in the long term. Not only for the environment, but also for the well-being of your employees and your own wallet.

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GoBright Smart Technology for a Sustainable Office

A Sustainable Office: Efficient & Effective

With GoBright solutions you not only improve workplace management, but you also support hybrid working and a more sustainable and responsible use of the office and its resources.


Using Smart Technology

The basis of creating a sustainable office, is gathering insights. Analytics based on data helps to understand user behaviour and preferences. Important elements for making efficient and responsible choices for your sustainable office.

In the GoBright platform, you gather analytics based on booking data, occupancy rates, no-shows and more with 100% accuracy. This way you can reduce energy and extend equipment lifecycle. For example with GoBright Room Booking in combination with the Room Control and Room Sensors, equipment, and lights are only used when the room is occupied for example. Electronics furthermore switch on and off automatically when entering/leaving the room. All this data is influential in managing sustainability in the office which in its turn reduces expenses and decreases your carbon footprint.

Would you like some personal advice in making your office sustainable and future-proof? We are happy to help, free of charge.

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Return on Investment in the Sustainable Office

Return on Investment in the Sustainable Workplace

Realising a sustainable office is beneficial for many things. Besides creating a better work environment for your employees and being responsible for the environment, you save money. Return on Investment for equipment for example. By regulating energy, lights, screens, AV-equipment, and air conditioning your equipment lasts longer ad require less replacement or maintenance.

Save costs on floorspace

Based on analytics you can manage the floorspace that is actually being used in the office. With this information you can make sustainable choices, by for example closing certain floors and lower the energy consumption. Or even moving to a smaller building if you need less floorspace in the long-term. Or removing desks and computer screens when the data shows they are not frequently used. This way you can save costs and repurpose them.

Sustainable office design does not always mean that less office space is required. It means that the office can be set up more efficient and effective, which is the most important element of responsible and sustainable thinking.

How to create a sustainable office?


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A Smart Workplace is inclusive

Sustainability is not only about the environment. It also says something about the durability of the workplace and its processes. Your employees’ needs today may not be the same as tomorrow’s. This is why GoBright offers scalability, allowing you to adjust and tailor your Smart Workplace Solutions to match your employees’ changing needs.

Another important aspect of durability is inclusivity. Employees are and remain the most important part of any company. It is therefore important for any business to use Smart Workplace Solutions that are easy to use for everybody. GoBright constantly develops the software to make it even more accessible to everybody. We are currently working on adding options for keyboard navigation and developing colour contrast throughout the software. Additionally, our team is working to create hover states, to provide the user with information when they hover above an interactive element. Want to be the first to know when these additions go live?

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Creating a durable workplace with GoBright

GoBright offers endless possibilities to use the workplace in a smarter and more efficient way.

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Returning to the Office, or implementing Hybrid Working by using Smart Office Solutions, forces you to think about creating a better Employee Experience and a Durable Office.

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